Working on the 2022 Teamhold Christmas Catalogue

We have worked pretty hard these last couple of weeks to finish our customer's new collection catalogue for Christmas 2022. Presented are the 8 topics with many new and creative tree decorations, hangers, table items, garlands, wreaths and of course the actual Christmas trees. We have been doing this together with Teamhold’s designers for many years already but this and last season are kind of special because everything needs to be done digital.

Here we present you some views behind the scenes of this super creative endeavor.  A huge team of people has spared no effort to make it happen. Thank you Mr. Dangerman for your ceiling acrobatics to ensure proper lighting. We appreciate your effort!

Our photogenic hero is @marlonellosovillaverde, a professional product photographer in action to make some pretty shots for our new catalog. The result is awesome again!
It’s always a funny thought to be working in the summer heat (it was up to 41 Celcius those days) to make a winter catalogue full of snow and ice. Fortunately the AC’s were humming and cold drinks were at hand. Working on this catalogue from 4 different locations worldwide everyone was happy with the end result. Merry Xmas already!