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We are always busy collecting the latest info and trends in our industry and others. This way we can make our trend books and publications and inform everyone who is looking for these trends about what is coming and what to look out for.

The word ‘Trend’ has always been a bit elusive for many. Something comes up out of nowhere, dominates the market and then disappears again. Sometimes it's revived after a few seasons and often something else just takes its place. Customers, especially in this day and age, are constantly being bombarded with information and images. Choices need to be made regarding which part of this information is relevant to their lives and requires further investigation. Seeing others (friends, influencers, magazines, tv shows) using certain products, applying specific colors and adopting special looks into their homes makes it easier to choose. There are references and these serve a purpose. But as a producer of these products, colors and materials it would be great when you already knew in advance what these public choices are going to be.

One way is to use a big budget, plug the product in many channels and hope it will stick with the greater public. It’s being done often, especially by bigger companies but it’s not always bullet proof. Sometimes a look or an icon comes out of nowhere and takes over the masses by storm just because the time was right for it. These ‘Unicorns’ aren’t very common but can be very commercial, especially when you get into producing and selling at the right time, that is not too early and not too late.

This all sounds very rational and not too complex either. One thing that is overlooked is that in order to have this info and be able to use it, one has to process massive amounts of data and has to be able to look for patterns and can make predictions. Often this time is simply not available during normal weekdays. Rest assured, we have been doing just this for over 1.5 decades and will continue to do so for many to come. Why? Because it’s a thrill to see what is coming, help people interpret this info in commercial products and see these items in shops worldwide where cu9stomers can enjoy them. And to emphasize the fact that you are never done with keeping up with the trends, we have a great number of Pinterest boards which are connected to our trends. We constantly tag and upload images on these boards to give you a better understanding of how the trends we spotted are developing and show many examples in the meantime. We love to keep you up-trend and of course ‘We Trend to Inspire


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