Shopping for trends

We are right in the middle of producing our new trendbook for season SS23. Luck has it that the fairs are open again, lockdowns are lifted and events are organized. Plenty of inspiration to be found, it seems like the designers and influencers are on fire because from all sides inspiration is coming towards us. It’s one thing to write about something and show pictures, it’s another thing to find the correct material examples with it to illustrate the trends to make them more understandable. We are lucky on this point because here in the South we have the most important markets for fashion and décoration materials. Today we are doing a market run to look for the nicest and latest materials and decorations. The good thing is that when we find it here, producers can too and it can be directly used on the new samples and products. Sometimes if you see a cool new material, it’s hard to reproduce it. We always try to make it as simple as we can.


As always the market is a true plethora of materials. We already have spotted a cool new material, a 'leather' made of pineapple leaves. It’s nice to talk about responsible materials but even nicer when you can find it and use it (and when the price is right). There are tons of embroidered applications which are great not only on jackets but also on deco items and even Xmas ornaments. Florals have been popular for a while but it seems that some parts of the market have been turned into proper flower markets. The new vintage and retro trends are definitely visible in the market here with Vichy checks galore and cute retro inspired fabrics all over. A market like this makes greedy but we will ensure to pick the right treasures just for you.