It’s getting busy again – Maison Object – Trendbook Autumn Winter Xmas 23/24

Maison Objet edition March 2022

It seems with most of the Covid restrictions gone in Europe that things start to speed up again. Maison Objet closed its doors a few days ago to what appeared to be a good and refreshing fair. Sure it was not back to the size of pre-Covid editions but it was a great start of the season. They postponed the fair from January till now and perhaps this should be done next year as well. Paris in springtime is always a sight (much better than in grey January). They showed in 6 halls and had a very eclectic set up where luxury was being put in the spotlight. Their idea was that people like to look at, dream of and live amongst great luxury in order to forget all the daily troubles which seem to attack us as of recent. It’s quite a safe assumption that luxury goods will do that and plenty of brands brought beautiful and very skillfully made objects. There was a big emphasis on products made by hand by artisans and we believe that this is a positive trend. Making the people aware of what was and tempting young artists to take up these age old skills, not because they need protecting but just because the consumer wants them.

What's new?

objet show

people walk into the objet show


Inside the Fair

We went to Paris and Maison Objet as a fixed part of our season looking for what’s new and what’s hot. There was plenty to be found and what surprised us is that the great emphasis on responsible, reusable, recyclable and all things green seemed a bit pushed to the background. Brands are including these elements more and more into their collections already and are making less of a marketing statement of trying to do the good thing. What was a nice element in the fair was the set-up of a hotel room using products from the various exhibitors. The idea was that after the Covid period, hotels, b&b’s and restaurants needed an injection to get up and running again. Using the trends of slow tourism, immersive experiences, localism, sustainability and work nomadism, M&O showed what was possible and which items to choose to spice up your establishment. There is tons more to say about the fair and also what happened in the city of Paris, but bear with us, we will keep informing and inspiring you.

recycle glass

a set-uo of hotel room

a set-up of hotel room


3House Productions latest trendbook: AWC 2324

In the mean time we haven’t waited for things to start moving, we have been working hard to finish our latest trend book: Autumn Winter Christmas 23/24. A very exiting book brimming with the latest trends, colors, materials and inspiration. Every time the industry seems to want to start earlier and overcome all the obstacles we experience in producing and exporting goods and this is why we also were quite early. The book contains 6 directions and each direction has 5 different ways of translating these trends into collection ideas and design inspiration. We have been working hard to distribute the books to our customers already and also the trend forecasts have started too where we explain the trends and together with our customers think what to prepare and design for the new season. A lot of things changed and many consulting and trend information companies decided to focus on other areas but we are convinced that our industry is in an important phase now and good information is now more than ever of great importance. Just send us a message, we are on LinkedIn, Insta and of course via our site

The cover and some pages of trend book AWC23/24
art glass
pictures of book